News in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

The Borough of Wildwood Crest would like to inform its residents, second homeowners and visitors that the borough is continuing its cleanup efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Although there has been damage to certain areas of the borough, including bayfront bulkheads and their adjacent railing systems, Wildwood Crest was fortunate to have been mostly spared the devastation that struck most other shore communities in New Jersey. Much of that is due to our wide beaches and newly constructed dune system that significantly diminished storm surges from spreading vast amounts of water throughout the borough and the entire island.

In some borough neighborhoods, power was not lost through the storm. Those areas that did lose power have seen their service restored.

Any necessary restoration of and repairs to our beach dune system, ADA walkways and ramps and bay front bulkeads will commence immediately. Wildwood Crest will move swiftly to ensure all storm-related issues are addressed prior to the 2013 summer season.

The borough would like to acknowledge and laud the dedicated work of its police department, ambulance corps, public works department and other borough employees and officials in helping to keep the borough safe and secure before, during, and after the storm. DPW is maintaining a daily cleanup effort for storm debris and residents are encouraged to place personal property destroyed by the storm and related debris curbside in sections no greater than four feet in length or width.  As we continue with those cleanup efforts, the Borough of Wildwood Crest’s thoughts and prayers are with the many other shore communities that were greatly affected by this devastating storm event.  For additional information or assistance, please contact public works at (609) 522-7446.


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